Hi, I’m Tim

I’ve been selling my own private label products on Amazon since 2014, and I quickly discovered that I had something I could offer to the community.

I’ve worked in Sales for over 20 years, and those skills set me apart from my competitors. Being able to understand what customers want and how to communicate why my product was the best one for them was a giant part of my success.

Now I take that experience and share it with the community.

I Quit My Job

When I first started selling on Amazon I was responsible for the sales training organization of a Fortune 50 company.  My team trained over 500 people a year who generated 250 million in sales annually.

They paid me a lot of money.  Way more than I was earning with Amazon.

I still did it.  I quit. September 2nd 2016.

I loved my job, but I love working for myself even more.  I love helping other sellers with their listings.  I love working my own schedule.  Most of all, I love setting my own priorities and being accountable to no one but myself.

They say an Entrepreneur is someone who would rather work 100 hours a week for themselves than 40 for someone else.  That’s True.  But it was more like 60 for someone else.

My First Business

I’ve been involved with internet businesses since 1999, when I started a web hosting and co-location company. Today you can start a web hosting business for $20/month, but in 1999 this was a really big deal.  I rented space, installed fiber optic lines, and bought servers.  I sold that business in early 2004.

Great sales and marketing is the reason I was able to exceed in the web hosting business.  I signed up for my first adwords account shortly after they launched in 2001, and used it to grow my business like crazy. I’ve loved internet marketing ever since.

How I Ended Up In Training

People always ask me why I sold the web hosting business.  The answer is surprising.  I didn’t like it.  I did most of the working IN my business instead of ON my business.  I spent most of my time in my office writing computer code until the wee hours of the night.

After I quit, I went back to doing something I enjoy, and that’s helping people.  I thought about teaching, but then I saw how much money they make.

I decided to go into adult education.  I got a job training sales people.

My goal for OptAZon

I’m not interested in being a Guru.

I don’t like the Guru’s very much.  I think they’re all sizzle and very little steak.

My goal is to make Optazon a resource for private label sellers to help them run their business more effectively.

If I can help you, please contact me!