The Perfect Amazon Product Detail Page

You spent hours poring over spreadsheets, looking at amazon listings, making sure you had the perfect product. You made your decision.  You sent in your deposit, and it’s important your listing is great.

Now you’re planning your launch, getting those first few reviews, and build some momentum. You’re probably taking a loss on promotions, so your listing has to be able to convert the real buyers.

You’ve got a lot to do, and it might even seem a bit overwhelming.  This isn’t the best time to learn copywriting.  We can make that the easy part.

You have enough on your mind. You can take advantage of our full service copywriting service to make sure your product page converts browsers into buyers.

Poor Copy Costs More Than Professional Copy

A lot of people say “hey, it’s just words on a page, I can do that”.  Maybe they consider hiring someone from one of the “task” services for a few bucks.  What they end up doing is investing a lot of their time doing research and learning, when they could be focused on the things that are most important in their launch.

What you end up with is a product detail page that doesn’t maximize their potential.

  • Most people aren’t copywriters. There’s more to it than words on a page.
  • Their copy may sound good, but it isn’t compelling for their customers
  • They end up hiring 4-5 of the “bargain” guys trying to find the right one, and end up paying more than a professional would cost.

The worst thing that happens is that their product launch fails, because they spent so much time focused on the copy instead of the launch

They lose their money, and decide that the business model just doesn’t work.

I’ll make sure your product detail page sets you up for success

When I launched my first product on Amazon back in 2014, I quickly realized that the skills I’d built in sales, and as a sales training manager gave me a distinct edge over my competition.

Other listings in my category were vague, not really targeted to the customer.  The worst of them just listed the things you were going to get.  As I talked with other sellers, I came to the conclusion that most people just don’t have a sales mindset.

I joined a couple of masterminds, and quickly became known as the “copywriting guy” for the group.

Several of the follow-up e-mails that I wrote are still being distributed by one of the most popular amazon private label podcast Guru’s.  I can’t tell you which one because he’s distributing it as his own work.

A lot of people asked me to write their copy for them, and more often than not, offered to pay me a pretty good sum to do it.  But I had to say no.

I’m sure most of you can relate, I had a more-than-full-time job.  It was lucrative career, and I had a substantial, steady income.  The downside is that I was working 50-60 hours a week in my day job, while working on building my private label business on the side.

All of that changed back in September of 2017.

I decided to go all-in on my Amazon business.  Now, months later, it’s growing.  And best of all, I’ve freed myself up to help other people build their business.

Amazon Product Detail Page Copywriting

When you sign up for our full service Amazon Product Detail Page Copywriting, you’ll get customer-first copy that includes:

  • a 30 minute consultation to make sure I understand your needs and objectives
  • A customer analysis identifying the customer’s likes & dislikes, and language they use to describe products like yours
  • Basic Keyword Analysis (If you have targeted keywords already, we’ll use those!)
  • A product title that captures attention and drives traffic
  • 5 compelling bullet points that convince customers your product is perfect for them
  • A detailed product description that overcomes customer concerns and answers any question that may be causing them to hesitate before purchasing

Other copywriters charge between $500 to $800 for this in-depth of a service.  You won’t pay near that with me.

Because I’m just now launching this service publicly, you’ll get it for just $250.

I do expect that price to go up as my schedule gets full, so don’t wait!

Free Bonuses If You Book Now

My schedule is filling up quickly, and as soon as it’s full, I’ll stop offering these bonuses.

Bonus #1: Questions and Answers

One of the most often overlooked areas of your product detail page is the Questions & Answers section.  I’ll give you 5 questions for your customers to pose, and suggested answers that help answer common questions and convert sales.

Bonus #2: Image Evaluation & Recommendation

I’ll evaluate the images you’ve selected and give you suggestions on what images I’d recommend and why, along with recommended text overlays.